Facilitating access to rental housing for all.

As a new generation guarantor, we want to reinvent access to housing, while providing a better and simpler rental experience for both owners and tenants.

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Our story

SmartGarant was born from a personal experience of a friend of one of the two founders. This friend does not have French nationality, but has been studying in France for 3 years now.

He has to go to Paris soon for an end-of-study internship. It is impossible to find a landlord willing to rent him a flat!

He had no French guarantor, a sine qua non condition for being accepted by most landlords, yet his guarantors were more than creditworthy.

After three months of fruitless searches, he finally decided to ask the parents of a French friend to vouch for him. A week later, he moved in.

Our mission

Faced with this observation, the two co-founders, Thomas and Charif, quickly realised that this was not an isolated case, more than 7.5 million people do not meet the selection criteria of landlords. 7 out of 10 people in France even consider it difficult, even painful, to rent a flat.

Out of all this was born SmartGarant, an innovative startup with the ambition to revolutionise the rental market by bringing more security and transparency between the tenant and the landlord. Our mission is to facilitate access to housing for all.

Become a partner?

We work with all kinds of partners: real estate players, management and rental agencies, coliving and student residences, and proptech companies whose ambition is to revolutionize the world of tomorrow.

SmartGarant values


A state of mind: honesty and sincerity towards our clients and partners.


A will: to bring more simplicity and understanding in a complex market


A rule: to be able to help you efficiently on a daily basis.


A mission: to participate together in the fight against poor housing.

Our team

A passionate, ambitious and motivated team, always ready to bend over backwards.

Do you want to have a positive impact?

We are looking for our future talent.