What is a trusted referent ?

Hi students !  🎓

If you are a student , you will need a trusted referee .


Your trusted referrer is someone who recognizes you as a good tenant and provides you with financial support .


Its presence reassures the owner and maximizes your chances of being accepted by a lessor . It is different from the guarantor, which is SmartGarant.

  • Your trusted referent can live anywhere in the world .

  • Its resources can be anywhere in the world in any currency .

  • He does not need to have a minimum level of resources .

  • He has no legal responsibilities towards the lessor .


Your trusted referee is usually a family member or friend .


Why do we ask for a trusted referrer? 🧐


When you are a student, you usually have little or no income . The referent will allow you to pass our scoring model and therefore allow you to be eligible for our guarantee.


In the event of a non-payment problem during your rental, he will also be an additional point of contact allowing us to better understand your situation in order to provide you with the most appropriate solutions .


What will we ask your trusted referee?

We will ask him, just like you to justify his income and his identity , nothing more 😊