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Why should you choose a SmartGarant tenant?

Maximize your benefits by minimizing your risks for free.

Selection and analysis of the solvency of your future tenant

You are covered up to 24 months of unpaid by the best guarantor, an insurer

In the event of the default of the tenant, we will compensate you immediately, without any deficiency or deductible.

This service is totally free for you!

"Why subscribe to a renter insurance when your tenant does it for you? Insurance will always be a safer guarantor than a physical person."
Jean R., owner of a studio in Lyon

One of our certified tenants contacted you?

That's excellent news ! His certificate informs you that we have analyzed his profile and that we can be his guarantor up to the rental amount indicated.

Contact us at the number indicated on the eligibility certificate, we will be happy to answer you

We check your rental agreement together

You sign the SmartGarant contract in 2 clicks

You are protected against unpaid bills, you can sign the lease with complete peace of mind

The best guarantee for free!

SmartGarant is an innovative French rental guarantee service, entirely free of charge for the landlord.
In order to provide you with a
maximum guarantee against unpaid rents while minimising your risks, we have backed the leaders in the insurance and reinsurance sector with the strongest capital.

Swiss Re is the world's second largest reinsurance company and the largest shareholder of La Parisienne.

La Parisienne Assurances, founded in 1829, is the oldest private insurance company operating in France.

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