COVID-19: Post-Containment and Renting 

Ask us your questions! 
We'll answer you.

During containment, many of you had questions about your tenancy (and we are continuing this initiative post-confinement) 🧐

👉 Can a tenant stop paying my rent ?

👉 I signed my rental agreement but could not make an entry inventory. Am I considered a tenant ?

👉 My lease is expiring. Can I stay in the accommodation ?

👉 What if I want to move . What to do ?

👉 Can I expect to recover the deposit even without an exit inventory ?

Owners, tenants, ask us your questions! Our team will do its best to respond promptly.

My question is...


Some advice on how to deal with Coronavirus 🦠

👉 Stay home as much as possible

👉 Wash your hands frequently with soap or hydro-alcoholic gel

👉 Maintain a " social " distance of at least one meter

👉 Cough and sneeze into your elbow

👉 More generally, adapt all of your daily habits to avoid the spread of the virus and protect your loved ones

Let's stay at home and confine the Covid-19!


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