How to use my SmartGarant Certificate?

Congratulations 🎉

You are eligible and SmartGarant can become your guarantor ! 🍾


Your certificate indicates to your future owner that we are ready to act as guarantor for you: it is your passport to obtain your future accommodation !


Then, submit your supporting documents in your personal space so that we can validate them.


Once your documents have been validated


You will receive by email your complete rental file , namely:

  • Your final eligibility certificate with the   brochure detailing our service to owners or agencies you will meet

  • And all of your supporting documents


This certificate is now inseparable from your rental file: remember to add it to your file, you will considerably increase your chances of convincing your future lessor.


What to do next ?


  1. Start your visits and present your complete file to the owners or agencies 🗂️

  2. Need a shot of 👍? Contact us : we will do our best to convince donors to accept your application and put the odds in your favor 💌
    Send us their contact by email to


What are the next steps ?


  1. Once the agreement of an agency or an owner has been obtained, fill in their information in your "my home" space 🏡

  2. Choose your offer , enter your payment method and sign your contract online (don't worry, nothing will be debited before the date of signature of the lease) 🖊️

  3. We will contact your landlord to sign his part of the contract 📱

  4. Once this contract is signed, the Guarantee is activated

  5. Well done ! All you have to do is sign your lease and move into your new home 🎉

Please note : it is imperative that your contract be signed and activated before signing your lease.